Five Shows You Can’t Miss in London’s West End.

Posted on May 14 2018

A photo from the musical Hamilton


The London theatre scene is arguably the finest in the world. London helped launch some of the greatest dramatists in the world: from William Shakespeare, to Oscar Wilde: from George Bernard Shaw to Andrew Lloyd Webber, and many other maestros along the way.  The city is also home to an authentically accurate replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, based on the original theatre that saw the first performances of Shakespeare’ works as he wrote them. Add to that the world famous Royal Opera House, the Albert Hall and the grand theatres of Drury Lane and Covent Garden, and you can see why theatre lovers travel from all over the UK and the world to attend the captivating spectacle of London’s theatreland.

The recent Olivier Awards, often referred to as The Oscars of the theatre, took place in the heart of the West End.  There were several multiple award-winning shows that make for an unmissable night, from drama to opera, and musicals to comedy.  Here’s our round up of the five London shows you can’t miss in 2018.


Hamilton is the hottest ticket in town having just picked up no fewer than seven coveted Olivier Awards from a total of thirteen nominations. Written by Broadway star Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton is set in the world of fledgling American politics. However, with a crowd pleasing hip hop soundtrack and lively comic touches, critics and audiences alike are in raptures over London’s smash hit production. Celebrities such as Sir Tom Jones, Helena Bonham Carter and Jodie Whittaker have been seen in the audience and reviewers have raved about the show’s originality.  Hamilton is currently on at the Victoria Palace Theatre. Jamael Westman, who stars as Alexander Hamilton, pins the show’s success down to its “breaking of boundaries.”

A photo from the musical The Ferryman

The Ferryman

Triple Olivier winner The Ferryman is a dramatic piece set in Northern Ireland during the troubles of the early 1980s. The production garnered best Actress Award for its star Laura Donnelly, as well as a best Director Award for prolific stage and screen director Sam Mendes. The play was based on the story of Laura Donnelly’s real-life family history, and was written by her partner Jez Butterworth, who won an Olivier Award for Best New Play. The Ferryman is due to transfer to Broadway in the next year, with both Donnelly and Butterworth taking it to New York.

A photo from Hamlet at the Globe Theatre

Hamlet at the Globe Theatre

Watching Shakespeare at The Globe is a Must Do when visiting London, or even when living there. This open-air theatre is modelled on the original Jacobean theatre that saw many of Shakespeare’s plays performed for the first time, along with those of John Webster and Christopher Marlowe. The auditorium has a unique feel to it, with many playgoers milling around unseated in the arena of the theatre whilst the drama unfolds in front of them. From April 24th 2018, the major production is Hamlet, with the central role played by Michelle Terry, current Artistic Director of The Globe.  The play is much anticipated and expected to gain momentous critical attention.

A photo from The Way of The World

The Way of The World

With social politics, vanity and monetary gain being the biggest themes of this celebrated Restoration comedy, this timely reprisal of William Congreve’s Way of The World may have a modern relevance for the selfie generation. The complexity of the plot reflects the intricacies of the personal and social politics of the time, and the flamboyant costumes and headwear speak of ostentation and competitiveness.  With a prestigious and talented cast, The Way of The World is on at the Donmar Warehouse until the end of May.

A photo from Motown the Musical

Motown the Musical

For a foot tapping feel good musical that gets the audience joining in, it has to be Motown the Musical. Based on Motown founder Berry Gordy’s 1994 memoir, Motown tells of the humble beginnings and meteoric rise of the Motown label, including show stopping numbers from actors playing Diana Ross, a young Michael Jackson and the late Marvin Gaye. The story begins with a flashback to 1957 when Motown records was launched. The music itself tells the story with over fifty songs in total.  Some critics claimed that so many musical numbers weakened the plot, but the audiences dancing in the aisles and giving the show five stars don’t seem to share this view. Motown the Musical is on at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

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