Five Ways to Get Fit in 2019

Posted on January 03 2019

Immersive fitness class

Fitness is always a big theme in January. Diets and gym membership deals are everywhere, but it doesn’t have to be the same old same old. There are many exciting ways to get fit that end up being so much fun, that duty becomes pleasure. Strength, resistance training, and cardio are hot priorities for the modern woman. Strength empowers, and fitness enables.

There are fitness classes and sports to suit all tastes and every kind of adventurous spirit. We’ve rounded up our five favourite ways to get fit, some of which capitalise on the high tech digital age to enhance the overall experience. With our passion for lingerie, we are of course, going to remind you to wear the right sports bra.

  1. Immersive Fitness

Imagine a virtual reality spin class where you can cycle through the Alps, or through forests or along wild country cycle tracks. Immersive fitness is a new activity that gives your spin class a cinematic escapism. The static cycles face a huge screen, just like your local Odeon, and spinners cycle over the forest floor or through fast-moving scenery. The experience is immersive (hence the name) and exciting leaving participants, fitter, stronger and exhilarated. It’s not just cycling either: there are treadmills with big screens and surround sound that make you feel as if you’re running through cities, and yoga classes with psychedelic moving backdrops. Immersive fitness is the perfect way to get fit in the digital age.

Indoor Rock Climbing

  1. Indoor Rock climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a great way of giving your body an all over workout. Not only does rock climbing give you at-a-glance measures of your progress (“Did I get as high as that last week?”) but climbers have enviable abs, glutes and lats. Every part of your body works hard to get up a climbing wall, from legs and feet to fingers, and even your brain. Many women also like the fun aspect of rock climbing, where exercise feels more like play than duty. Team that with a combination of feeling the rush of adrenaline at hanging above the ground it’s easy to see why indoor rock climbing is so popular with the modern woman.


  1. Weightlifting

There is a common misconception that weightlifting builds a bulky frame, but this needn’t be the case. It may sound like an incongruous activity for a female frame, but weightlifting can streamline those curves and give excellent toning results on arms, legs and torso. Weightlifting encourages muscle growth, which not only burns fat, but speeds up metabolism, even after your workout. It has also been proven to help decrease the risk of osteoporosis by increasing bone strength and improving bone density. The movements are slow which means there is a low risk of injury when using the correct form, and the strengthened muscles and core can help to eliminate muscular aches and pains such as backache and shoulder pain.

Vogue Nicola Adams

  1. Boxing

Boxers such as UK Olympian Nicola Adams are great role models for girls and women alike and Adams showcases boxing at its best.  Boxing has many benefits, both physical and mental. Boxing can build muscle tone, provide an excellent cardio vascular workout, improve core stability, build strength in both bone and muscle and help to beat stress. Women see toned arms, torsos and improved leg strength as a result of regular boxing classes. On top of the physical benefits, many participants enjoy the feel-good factor and confidence boost it gives them.

Military fitness

  1. Military Fitness Training

Outdoor training is gaining in popularity and combines the unbeatable effects of exercise and fresh air. Many women are joining military training fitness programmes for different reasons. It combines exercise with fun and camaraderie, and can take you from mud flats to rafting in one session. Don’t expect to go home clean. Military fitness is often run by ex-military trainers and is designed to make participants push themselves through adversity and obstacles and out the other side. This results in increased confidence as well as increased overall fitness. The friendships that naturally come out of such situations are an added bonus.

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