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Posted on August 08 2018

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Romance is in the air. Flowers and buds are coming into bloom. There could hardly be a better time to start planning a romantic break, or even your honeymoon.  After all, wedding season upon us.

Choosing your destination is the fun part, but there’s still packing to be done, whether you’re heading for a bustling European City break, idyllic Caribbean islands, or the blue seas of the Indian Ocean.  Romantic breaks call for intimate and sexy lingerie and nightwear. Every woman wants to look and feel her best, and wearing luxurious and flattering fabrics next to your skin is the best way of doing just that.


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Silk and chiffon for that special night

If you’re packing for a honeymoon, remember that every bride needs a trousseau. Traditionally, a trousseau is a selection of lingerie and nightwear that a bride takes on honeymoon for that special first night.  It would consist of elaborate pieces with a view to making the honeymoon one to remember. It’s still relevant today. After all, you  want it to be unforgettable, so get the very best.


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What if you have a larger bust?

Busty women often find they have less choice than other women when choosing lingerie and nightwear. They need not only a style that makes them look and feel good, but one that also has built in support so that their nightwear is flattering and comfortable. Finding luxury nightwear that fits them can be challenging.

Busty women need to dress carefully, even at night.  Support for your bust is essential, and not just for comfort. A well supported bust looks good and can make your waist look smaller. Remember that when it comes to supporting a larger bust, leave the spaghetti straps alone and aim for a wider strap or sleeve that offers support whilst still retaining the feminine touch.

How to flatter your body shape

When choosing your wardrobe for your romantic break, the most important thing to know is what shape you are. Are you an apple, a pear, a ruler or an hourglass? Whatever your shape, here at Bustoire we have luxury nightwear to fit and flatter women with larger busts.

The apple shape

Apple shapes typically have less of a difference between the hip and bust. Apple shapes often have great legs, so showcase those pins in a short nightdress that supports your bust and shows off your best assets: cleavage and legs. Empire line nightwear is flattering for an apple shape and a V neck can add the illusion of length to a shorter body. Baby doll nighties are ideal for an apple shape.

The pear shape

Pear shapes typically have a slightly bigger hip than bust measurement. Pears shapes, like apple shapes, can emphasise a bust and make a body look longer by clever use of V necks. The V shape creates a space of flesh that resembles an arrow and makes the sections of body either side look longer and leaner. Knee length or full length nightwear can suit a pear shape, with the emphasis on that bosomy cleavage and a wisp of silk floating over waist and hip.

The hourglass shape

The hourglass or cello shape body has a similar size hip and bust measurement and a narrow waist. A more tailored fit can emphasise that waist and as ever, good bust support can lift the bust and really show off that figure. The hourglass can wear most necklines, including sweetheart style, V neck, scoop neck and even bandeau or strapless styles. Chemises and form fitting nightwear flatter an hourglass shape.

The ruler shape

The ruler shaped body has less of a difference between hip, and waist measurement. If your bust needs that extra bit of uplift, then the firm stretch of a Bustoire cup can hold up your bust and make the area underneath look smaller, giving you more of a shapely figure. A flowing empire line nightdress with see through lace or chiffon panels can give the illusion of curvy hips. A silky wrap with a tie waist can also bring in a waist and the gentle drape of silk or chiffon can offer just enough cling to accentuate your figure.

The right fabrics

For a honeymoon or perhaps a romantic first holiday as a couple, then only the best will do. Silk satin, floaty chiffon and sexy lace are all perfect choices. Wear clothes that flatter your shape and make you feel confident and sexy. The right nightwear can make you feel even more beautiful and desirable than you already are. Then everything else will fall into place

How to pack it

When your destination is a romantic hotel suite for two, or a private villa overlooking the ocean, then you don’t want to be worrying about the wrong wardrobe. Packing everything you need into just a few cases can be a challenge. However, luxury fabrics can often fold up very small when travelling. Silk can feel as thin as paper and take up very little room, as can lace and chiffon. When packed correctly, luxury fabrics can fold up into a very small package without looking creased on arrival.  The trick is to pack your delicates between layers of tissue to protect them on the journey.  Put heavier items on the bottom of your cases and lighter items towards the top so that they have less chance of getting crushed. This helps them to keep their silky, flowing shape on arrival.  Being at the top of your case when you open it also means that it’s easy to make it the first thing you wear when you arrive at your destination

When you pick the right luxury nightwear, remember that it can have more impact than anything else you pack. The rest is up to you.

How about you?

Do you find it easy to shop for the right nightwear? Have you had trouble finding under garments that supports a larger bust?  Do let us know. We always love to hear from you.

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