Luxury Nightwear Fabrics for a Fuller Bust

Posted on January 28 2019

Gold Silk


There are so many different options available in women’s nightwear. But, if you are a lady graced with a larger bust size, your options are often limited when it comes to finding luxury nightwear.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to go to bed wearing something that feels like their bust is been held up by scaffolding! Just because you have more in the boob area, doesn’t mean you can’t wear nightwear that is luxurious, stylish, sexy and at the same time functional. 

In this post, we discuss some of the fabrics that we use in our range of women’s nightwear here at Bustoire. They have been chosen because they tick all the boxes when it comes to making luxury nightwear for busty women. They give you the support you need, the comfort that is a must with nightwear and more importantly they make you feel and look sensational!

Silk Satin

Nothing screams luxury more than silk satin. Silk was first created by the Chinese around 2000 years ago. The Chinese prized it so much that the secret to silk production was a guarded secret. Luckily for us, somebody unearthed the secret and we too are able to enjoy the ‘deluxe’ feeling of silk.

Throughout the ages, it has been a highly prized fabric to own. Anyone wearing it was seen to hold a prominent position in society. And it is understandable why. Silk satin feels like liquid gold against the skin.

Silk is a natural fabric that allows air and moisture to pass through, allowing the skin to breathe and stay cool.

Silk satin refers to the type of weaving that is used and it enhances the appearance of the fabric, giving it that opulent glossy finish.

Silk Chiffon

Silk chiffon is a natural fibre and is produced by weaving threads in a criss-cross pattern, giving it a mesh like effect. Chiffon can be made using different types of thread, but we choose to use chiffon made with silk for its lustrous appearance and silky feel.

Silk chiffon is a favourite fabric of the royals. It has been worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and last year The Duchess of Cambridge wore a stunning silk chiffon dress designed by Anna Sui. 

The properties that make silk chiffon perfect for nightwear for women who have a fuller bust are that it is durable, strong and sturdy but extremely lightweight, soft and flowy. Making it very comfortable to wear and cool to sleep in. The mesh like effect makes it easy for embroidery and appliques to be attached, enhancing the appearance of the garment.

Silk chiffon is an ideal fabric to use for sexy nightwear.  It has an air of seduction and the sheerness of the fabric allows the person wearing it to show as much, or as little as they like.


Cotton is a fantastic fabric and ideal for use in the making of sleepwear.

Cotton is a natural fabric and it comes from the cultivated plant – genus Gossypium. It then goes through various stages to make it into a cotton thread.

Cotton is a hypoallergenic fabric, which makes it ideal for people who have skin sensitivities. As well as being soft to the touch it is a breathable fabric allowing you to stay cool in the summer months.

Cotton drapes extremely well and it doesn’t cling to the skin, making it good at hiding any lumps and bumps that you may not want to show off.

Blue fabric in a bowel

Silk Jersey

Silk jersey is a sensuous knit fabric. It is produced by interloping yarns to produce a fabric that has a smooth, flat surface.

The method in which the fabric is made gives it a sleek-look that is also incredibly soft to the touch. It drapes beautifully and with a natural stretch, it compliments the body shape.

Silk jersey travels very well as it doesn’t wrinkle. So, if you are a lady that likes to go on holiday a lot, this is a perfect fabric for you.

White lace


Lace is a delicate fabric and is best used in conjunction with other fabrics like silk satin and chiffon.

Lace has been popular with women for centuries. It was originally made by hand using bobbins, but later years saw it been produced by machine.

Lace is made by weaving a synthetic fibre in different strand like designs.

The end result is that you get a delicate and beautiful design. The appeal of lace is that it can be produced in any colour.

The intricate design of lace adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to nightwear garments.

Here at Bustoire we are eager to know what fabric you love.

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