Why Luxury Lingerie?

Posted on January 22 2019

Why Luxury Lingerie?

The demand for luxury lingerie is on the increase. Many women no longer settle for second best, especially in the world of lingerie, and are increasingly turning to exclusive brands for unique features that offer that touch of glamour. Women are more empowered now than they have ever been before and this influences the strong choices we make about the way we dress and the clothes we choose for ourselves.

The new visibility of lingerie is helping this trend increase: a silk chemise here, a satin strap there, a lace edging peeking out through clothes. It used to be the case that women would spend less time choosing garments that nobody would see, but in the selfie generation, everything we wear is an important and individual choice. We owe it to ourselves to clothe our bodies in the very best.

What is luxury?

The word luxury can mean different things to different people. It is a word bandied around so often, that its definition has become indistinct and it’s meaning hard to define.

Luxury can mean aspirational- but does that mean a certain brand or does it means reaching a high price tag? Even some expensive brands don’t showcase the kind of quality that others may consider luxury. For example, sometimes imitation fabrics are labelled as luxury purely for the cachet of a brand or a high price tag without providing the kind of quality that other luxury seekers would be satisfied with.

Luxury also changes from culture to culture. One country may admire zig zag or filigree seams, while another may only value invisible craftsmanship and hidden stitching.

To those who appreciate and seek true luxury in lingerie, it comes down to quality and craftsmanship. 

Quality Material: why the best costs a little more

Firstly, the fabric. Pure silk is hard to beat. It has a lightness that is all its own, a fine weave, and a sheen that cannot be successfully imitated to a trained eye.  Silk clothing can be an investment. When cared for correctly, silk can last for many years. It’s no coincidence that silk dresses from Victorian times can still be seen in museums and in good condition to this day.

Pure silk is more expensive than most synthetic fabrics.

Chiffon also needs diligence and care. Its fine weave can easily be damaged by needles, which may be too large, or by heavy sewing machinery. To maintain the flow and fall of chiffon, tiny stitches need to be used and edging needs to be handled delicately.

Luxury lace such as French Leavers Lace takes time to both source and create, but the unique quality it provides makes it a pleasure to own and to wear.  Many women consider garments with Leavers Lace worth buying for the pure aesthetic of its good looks. Handmade lace is even more rare and the price reflects this.

The craftsmanship

Luxury lingerie drapes and falls better against the curves of a woman’s body when it is cut on the bias. Being cut on the bias (that is, diagonally across the central parallel weave of the fabric) gives a fluid, waterfall drape to fabric that almost gives the illusion of liquid silk. When lingerie is cut on the bias, it uses up more silk per metre than conventional methods. This technique is particularly popular with luxury nightwear, providing a beautiful flowing and showcasing the natural curves of a woman’s body.

It can take hours of specialist craftsmanship to finish a piece of luxury lingerie. Techniques such as jacquarding can involve custom made machinery; programming and custom plating Embroidered labels must be extra soft as they are usually directly against skin and under delicate fabric.  Many pieces are so delicate that they are completed by hand, often by specialists who have the expertise and the experience gained over many hours and years.

Who makes it?

The Made in Britain label is one that many luxury brands seek out due to its heritage and history. Many British designers prefer their stock to be made in Britain, and the label adds prestige to an item, as well as a feeling of trust and confidence.  Sewing skills are harder to find in this age of technology and only experts can make the kind of luxury pieces that have the unmistakable finished gleam of quality and luxury.

Why do women choose luxury lingerie?

It may seem an obvious question. Naturally women choose it because it feels good and looks good, but the reasons often run deeper than that.

Women buy luxury lingerie because it makes them feel pampered. The tactile feel of luxury fabrics against bare skin is hard to beat. No synthetic comes close to the feel of pure silk, gossamer chiffon and delicate high quality lace. Wispy and filmy garments in the bedroom set the mood and the tone. Knowing that you’re wearing the best can make you feel your best and that gives a woman a unique confidence in their femininity. The rest is up to you.

Many high earners are accustomed to the best of everything: the best restaurants, the best hotels, first class flights and haute couture. That extends to the desire for the highest quality of intimate apparel. If you’re wearing the best in the day, you’ll want to be wearing the best at night too. Women like to feel sophisticated, glamorous and elegant

When you know, you have a beautifully designed, and exquisitely made piece of luxury lingerie next to your skin, your lingerie it can put a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye.  It can be a secret that’s just between you and yourself. Women are empowered when they choose lingerie for their eyes only and this can make them feel sexy and confident.

When the newest innovations in lingerie arrive, lingerie fans like to know as soon as possible so that the hottest new trends can be theirs first.  It happens with handbags and shoes and it’s happening with luxury designer lingerie too.

How about you?

Do you feel different when you wear luxury lingerie? Do have lingerie that always makes you feel special? Do let us know. We always love to hear from you.

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