At Bustoire we do not use measuring tape to find the correct fitting nightwear. We understand that you are unique and your shape cannot be restricted to a set of pre determined measurements. Instead follow our guide to a comfortable and beautiful fit that will make you feel and look amazing day and night.

Step 1 - Band Size

All our nightwear has hidden bra support. The band underneath your bust and around your body should rest flat and horizontal. The soft elastic band should fit snugly to allow your bust to be fully supported. A sign that the band is too large is your bust falling below the band.  You would need to go down a band size. A sign that the band is too small is a feeling of being restricted and the band riding up at the back and you would need to go up a band size.

We recommend that you choose a band size that corresponds to your best fitting bra. For example, if your favourite best fitting bra is a 32FF. You should choose the size 32-34 DD – FF.


Step 2 - Cup Size

Our nightwear is designed and made for the fuller bust. So, it is only natural that our garments are in cup sizes and not the standard small, medium and large. We know first hand that you need comfortable support while you sleep or lounging in your boudoir. That’s why Bustoire offers generous bra support. You don’t need to worry about your bust bulging at the sides or at the top. Your bust should be fully enclosed for a good fit. Similar to the band size we recommend you choose the same cup size as your favourite fitting bra. For example, if your favourite fitting bra is a 36G you should choose the size 36–38 G–HH.


Step 3 - Straps

All Bustoire garments have thick adjustable straps with luxurious gold plated rings.  The straps improve the fit of the nightwear and provide that extra comfort that every busty woman needs. We recommend that straps are at their loosest initially and over time the straps will need to be adjusted for a tighter fit. 

The bra straps should lie flat on the bust. If you find that the straps are digging in then the cup size is too small and you would need to go up a size.

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