Caring for your Bustoire Lingerie and Nightwear

Bustoire garments are made from the finest silk, chiffon and lace. Such fabrics are delicate but can be washed at home using gentle detergents and cool or tepid water. We advise that you keep your garments out of strong sunlight to avoid fading or sun damage and that they are either hung on soft hangers in your wardrobe or folded in tissue in a drawer when not being worn. Please refrain from spraying fragrance directly onto your garment as perfume has a high alcohol content and could leave a mark. Also  avoid getting body oil or moisturising creams on your garment.

Following our guidelines will maximize the beauty and life or your Bustoire lingerie and nightwear.


Washing Guidelines

Although many washing machines have a silk cycle, we do not recommend that you use this as our textiles are such high quality. Instead wash your garment, be it silk, chiffon or lace, using the follow guidelines:

  1. Use cool or tepid water rather than hot to avoid any fading or shrinkage.
  2. Use a mild detergent that is suitable for hand washing and gentle enough to be kind to precious textiles. The Silk Association of Great Britain recommends Dreft, Tenestar or Lux soap flakes.
  3. Gently massage the garment in the water, and rinse clean with non-soapy water. It’s best to avoid wringing or twisting delicate fabrics, so roll your garment in a clean dry towel to absorb excess moisture before hanging to dry naturally.
  4. Silk can be ironed with a warm iron, on the wrong side, using an ironing cloth. Do not use steam or add any water or you may make a watermark on your garment.


Dry Cleaning

Should your garment need extra cleaning, it can be taken to a dry cleaner experienced in silk care. Do not try to remove any marks yourself as you may stain or damage the fabric. Tell your dry cleaner what the mark is (water, wine, cosmetics) so that they can find the best way to clean your lingerie.

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