SPOTLIGHT: Get to know Joyce, Bustoire Founder and Creative Director.

What is your background?

I am from London and studied Mathematics at university which led me to a career in Management Consultancy and Banking. I have always been a mixture of the analytical and the creative. Although my background is in Banking, I have a strong creative streak and am a regular theatre goer. I love the settings, the costumes and the drama of the stage. I find it transports me to another world full of beauty and colour.

How is the transition from Banking to designer?

Balancing a Banking job and starting my own brand isn’t easy but I enjoy every minute of it. Seeing my designs come to life and how beautiful women look and feel in them is gratifying. I have taken short courses at the London College of Fashion and taught myself to sew over 5 years ago and I was hooked from that day.

Where do you get the inspiration for your debut collection?

My debut collection is inspired by Hollywood glamour, the colours are classic and elegant black, white, gold and green with beautiful geometric shapes. This also influenced the choice of fabrics from liquid silk to chiffon.The collection embodies femininity and confidence and is for busty women to wear for themselves.

Where do you go to unwind?

I love to travel and have enjoyed some wonderfully memorable holidays. Whether it’s sky diving in Aruba, paragliding in Rio de Janeiro or captivated by the stories and history of the Mayan Ruins in Cancun. Every trip is an exploration of culture, breathtaking architecture and artistic expression.  

Do you have a favourite place in London?

It’s difficult to pick one place because London is a city where there is always something interesting and exciting to do. As a theatre aficionado, The Globe Theatre is a favourite, I have seen many a Shakespeare play there and I can’t resist a good Michelin star restaurant.

Where do you see Bustoire in five years’ time?

Online shopping provides convenience for our customers but we understand that fit is very important and some customers also enjoy the store experience of try before you buy. In the next five years, I see Bustoire garments being available in high end department stores and boutiques in the UK and internationally in addition to online. We will also expand the product range to include more colours and styles specifically for busty women.

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